Hot Style Digital Display Bluetooth Headset


YYK-520 Business Headset Digital Display Hanging Ear Waterproof Noise Reduction 5.1 Bluetooth Headset

Processing Time: 1~2 days
Estimated Delivery: 7~14 business days


1. The connection is not dropped. The upgraded version of Wireless 5.1, separated by multiple dry walls, still connects to listen to the song, and the signal is smooth and not stuck.

2. Imported lithium battery, which can be charged for one week at a time, adopts a new generation of high-speed imported lithium, low power consumption. The transmission connection is faster and more stable.

3. The memory pairing automatically reconnects, takes out the headset to automatically identify the historical connected device, and automatically reconnects.

4. High-definition call: Identify the sound frequency through the intelligent control chip, and generate a reverse signal to filter out external noise (noise and wind) in the non-human frequency range. Realize high-definition calls in any noisy environment.

5. Complete functions: pause/play, up and down music, volume increase/decrease, and arouse the voice assistant.


Usage: hanging ear type

Transmission distance: 10 meters

Headphone battery capacity: 60mAh

Charging bin capacity: 500mAh

Charging time: about 1 hour

Standby time: 120 hours

Package Included:

1* Earphone

1* Ear cap

1* Charging compartment

1* Manual

1* Charging cable

Weight 0.200 kg

520 simplified edition, 520 ultimate edition

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